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* Consumption of kitten is possible from 14th week of age
* Kitten is completely (twice) vaccinated against Rhinotracheitida, Kalicivirus,
   Panleukopenia. Vaccination against other illnesses is possible after agreement with buyer.
* Every kitten is miccrochipped, with EU pasport = vaccination certificate
* Every kitten has certificate of origin - „Individual Registration from TICA“
* Kittens as PET are selled neutered
* Deposit is payed in moment of reservation. Deposit is non-refundable
* You will see the proposal of contract before reservation of kitten, there is no problem to 
   complete it according to your needs
* Kittens are leaving to new homes socialized, learned about cleaness, accustomed to the
   normal run of household
* You will get a reccomendation about feeding and about litter, it´s good not to do any
   changes at least 3 weeks from consumption.
* We like to stay in contact with new owners of „our“ kittens, we care about how they live. *
    Our interest doesn´t end with the sell - kitten was born at our place, we feel
    responsibility for them in his future life.

Information about selling kittens
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